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            1. Introduction

              Located in Jinshan Second Industrial Park, Shanghai Rising is an environmentally friendly high-tech chemical enterprise integrating R & D, production and service. Rising vigorously promotes the concepts of green chemical industry, clean production, and circular economy, and insists on turning the company into a comprehensive resource utilization and environment-friendly service enterprise. Since its establishment in September 2007, the company has independently developed a domestic leading polyester polyol industrial production technology that uses PTA residue to replace PTA genuine products to produce polyester polyol rigid foam series products. Owning more than 50 patented technologies and intellectual property rights for comprehensive utilization of PTA residues, obtained the "Shanghai Hazardous Chemicals Business License" and drafted the editor-in-chief "Pure Polyethylene Terephthalate (PTA) Residue Polyester Polyol" industry standard And group standards.

              The company mainly produces rigid foam polyester polyol series products:
              refined terephthalic acid (PTA) polyester series: LPS-360, LPS-360 (A / H), LPS-2250A; phthalic anhydride (PA) polyester Series: LPS-2315, LPS-2240, LPS-2-410, LPS-801A, LPS-400; flame retardant polyester series: LPS-2235, LPS-2215, LPS-2260N; low hydroxyl polyester series LPS-5005 , LPS-6005; SIPE three monomers, etc.

              The company abides by the promise of "standardized enterprise, honesty enterprise and sunshine enterprise", advocating the value of "integrity, upholding justice and standardization", practising the enterprise spirit of "striving for progress in stability and entering endlessly", and wholeheartedly providing high quality service.

              Business Philosophy


              Integrity is the foundation of people


              Quality is life, service is the purpose


              Build a leading company for effective innovation


              The way of business starts with responsibility



              Join the Shanghai Circular Economy Association in 2019. In 2019, it passed the application of Shanghai's "specialized and special" SMEs.


              In 2018, Shanghai Liansheng passed the high-tech enterprise certification. Due to the company's development needs, some public works and production equipment were updated.


              On December 12, 2017, the company passed the annual review of ISO9001 quality and 14001 environmental management system. Won the HSE certification of Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical in 2017.


              In 2016, the company passed the ISO9001 and 14000 quality and environmental management system certification.